Defending Discord's most valuable communities: A guide for project teams


This resource is for those building their own discord communities, and contains lessons learned and best practices from our own experience. This resource will be maintained and improved with community feedback.
NFT communities are crypto-native and accustomed to interacting with smart contracts that they can't read, making them high-value targets for scammers. Discord is the premiere web2 platform where NFT communities interact, and compromising NFT project discords yields significantly higher rewards compared to targeting individuals. Discord scammers likely represent the top attack vector for all crypto-related hacks and scams. Creating an environment safe from scammers should be a top priority for NFT projects and neglecting this reality harms the community members, the project team's reputation and the broader perception of NFTs.
It's dangerous to launch a discord without knowledge of the tools available and best practices. Even minor breaches can cause substantial losses for community members.

Do you need immediate assistance?

If you have a Discord emergency, tweet at @server_forge and Server Forge members will be able to help you. Server Forge is a group of Discord experts in the Web3 space that offer paid and volunteer service to help Web3 projects keep their Discord servers safe.
Draft V0.1 Written by @Monharti
V0.1 2022-07-23
  • Added Help! I'm Under Attack! section as a resource for Discord server owners to seek immediate help in the event of an attack.
  • Updated Role Hierarchy section to include allowance for multiple cold admin accounts and recommend cold admin accounts as the only accounts with ability to post announcements based on advice from @Jon_HQ
  • Updated Choosing Bots section to include risks of bot backdoors and the May 2022 Mee6 hack
  • Updated Staff Impersonation to include Hashbot and Spam Defender prevention measures for username monitoring and blacklisting
  • Other minor edits